Do You Provide A Commercial/Office Cleaning Service?

Not just limited to residential properties, our comprehensive service deliberately aims to provide cleaning options for a range of properties - an opportunity for us to showcase our knowledge of the field and the diversity of our service.

  • Using a wide range of the latest equipment on the market and specially designed cleaning solutions we visit offices, flats, houses, shops and industrial sites, offering our full service for each and a guarantee of a spotless finish or the job isn't done.

Do You Provide Contract Cleaning?

Alongside our more standard cleaning services, we also provide contract cleaning 

  • Support to cater to our client’s demands for short-term and long-term
  • Reliable technicians needed to carry out regular tasks on site. 
  • We employ only fully qualified and briefed staff, guaranteeing excellence on account of their experience in the field and commitment to providing professional results. 
  • With practices developed around our client’s personal standards, we promise to deliver an energetic workforce that’s eager to impress.

Are You Able To Service Industrial Sites?

Industrial sites do come with added difficulties when it comes to the daily clean up. More than often they produce huge quantities of rubbish and this would usually be enough to turn down other cleaning companies more focused on residential services.

  • However, we pride ourselves on being able to offer to the local area a comprehensive cleaning service that hates saying no to a customer.
  • Therefore we come fully equipped with professional tools and products hand picked to tackle your specific needs on site, making certain that our exceptional standard of service and reputation is held throughout.

Do You Provide Events Cleaning?

Some cleanups require heavy duty operations, with a bigger team fully supplied with all the equipment and products necessary for large scale jobs. This may include cleaning for events of all sorts, where a deep and extensive clean is needed.

  • For this reason, we employ qualified and highly skilled cleaning technicians, managed all the way to provide a consistent and swift clean throughout, whether it is rubbish and dirt from an outdoor dinner party or a vast hall deep clean after a corporate event.
  • We never turn down a job no matter the size and look forward to opportunities to showcase our effectiveness for a full range of scenarios.

Do You Offer Washroom Services?

Our cleaners undertake janitorial and washroom services for our clients, providing a professional clean alongside serviced and fully stocked washroom facilities.

  • Maintaining a hygienic and tidy commercial space is paramount for the image of a business, so we employ fully trained and briefed cleaners supplied with top of the range equipment and products.
  • If you need a regular washroom service, then get in touch today and we promise to implement an efficient, prompt and professional plan for your business and get started as soon as possible.